Validity Fight Club: Two Premise enter, One Left Standing! Day One

Validity Fight Club: Two Premise enter, One Left Standing! Day One


I am freaking done with engaging others where they are at! I have human truth for humanity that is logically valid, simple, and I challenge every adult human alive to invalidate my premise! If not, you must tell me what you will do to help get the truth to everyone as a global Public Safety Announcement via word of mouth, OR, you must bring in a a challenger, introduce them publicly, and acknowledge the rules of engagement. Think \inam full of it? Want to prove it? I freaking DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU TO TRY! I do not see a scenario where that will happen. You think you have what it takes to shut the asshole up? Then put you logic where your mouth is!
Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi the Bear’ Blumberg 0:01
Here we go, any job so that's the premise premise you just gotta be in Socratic Method .truth for you truth for humanity is a jet while we live subjectively we cannot detach from our human collective so therefore morality morality and ethics need only be concerned need only consider benefit agency and non an indomitable indomitable John time interval indomitable you don't need to bow non aggressive defense there we go that's it oh that's me yeah so here's the premise two three humanity is full acceptance of our mortality absolute existential uncertainty exists acceptance of self as uniquely perfect then choosing a life strategy to be ready for death at anytime. And while we live subjectively we cannot detach from our human collective therefore morality and ethics need only consider benefit agency and indomitable non aggressive defense just lets it see if anybody bites you thank you you have the logic chops prove my premise invalid zeros where else can we get see if anybody's got any friggin courage camera geven are Berber Berber Berber Berber Berber Berber Berber Berber Come on? Come on? Come on, come on, come on touch memory. It's a inappropriate song I sing. I'm going to sing it from my home. Stop posting. Son of a biscuit eater. Oh now okay good success. Take me back what's going on here? Jesus poop can even get into Facebook. What a freaking joke. Yes. Yes if you can feed him again you know he always he will always eat yes threaten anything where you're standing does anybody here? Nobody's here. Figures where it goes. It goes. Thing is man clicked wisdom anyone can shout What? Say stay strong it stirs your dragon tactic. I'm tired of all the way it's not working. I'm just gonna take a place and I'm gonna stay there with standing challenge. anyone thinks they understand the logic to prove me wrong? Oh yeah, too to invalidate my premise if you cannot validate my demo, so anybody shows up wants to listen. It's like my troll idea let's see anybody else? Anybody else? Got any gifts? Probably not. Probably not. Hey, Miss Melendi How you doing? Not hearing anybody. Let me see. Everybody's Vantage to speak there we go is there Oh, somebody's speaking. No, no, no, I'm Hello. Can you hear? I can hear you ready? I've been having trouble getting you. Yeah, it's been tough. But again, it all turned up. Okay, so Melendi Can you hear me? Please? soundcheck? soundcheck. And you buddy soundcheck? I'm down for sound checks. I don't know what's going on here. I was fine earlier and broadcasting right now. And broadcasting right now. Yeah, I am. I am. am. Thank you. There we go. I'm good. Yes. Okay. Cool. Thanks. Thanks. So this is my approach, tired of I'm exhausted of going all the creative ways. All the creative ways I've gone to all these different groups and and display the truth, the logical truth of human existence. In all its wonderful, easy, simple ways of displaying it. Why do I feel this is important because if you have an understanding of the basic human truth of life, then you don't have to take any fake news, you will be able to discern what's fake and what's true on your own. It's a simple process of critical analysis, and logical analysis loves establishing logical validity. So if anybody has any insights wants to visit, I'm going to invite everybody who wants to speak up speak up, at least the first four or five. So the basic truth of life, it's gonna sound so simple because you already know it. You already have it. Most people have an understanding of their mortality that they will die. However, most I've found, do not understand it. They have the knowledge they know they will die but they don't know understand what that means, necessarily, to their lives in the present moment. So in the present moment, that's the only time that's relevant. It's eternal. It's always happening. And the only day that doesn't end and why is what? Tomorrow? Tomorrow Never comes yesterday. He's always gone. It's something we hold in our heads. So for my own qualification context, so you know a little bit about me, you can Google me on your like, I had another night, it's all online. I'm an historian, and applied anthropologist and artists and whatnot, a me I mean, humans, okay? What, what makes me crazy right now is that so many people are using and utilizing data drawn from outside of what we can ever know, to any degree of certainty to inform their decisions in life. Now, the problem with that is they're not keeping it to the subjective experience. They their data that they're drawn on, they're using good informed decisions, and propound on concepts that they can never know, or prove to the collective to any degree of validity, or any degree of confidence. In that regard, it's unsafe. And I am all about safety. Now, I started on this particular run back in the early 90s. In college, I figured there had to be some key correlating concepts that tied over spiritual and religious endeavors together in a simple hole. That's where the flow would be. And it took me 41 years total. So I'm also okay. So forgive me, it's, it's not the new, it's just a rediscovery of what we've already had before and have tossed to the side. When we, when we leave physically adulthood, that doesn't mean that we are emotionally mature at all. All I see right now around me really is a world full of people, to no fault of their own, are living the life of childlike understanding. It's not their fault. It's not our parents fault. Most of them didn't get there. But, but where is the danger? Okay. Throughout most of human history, if you research the patterns, now an applied anthropologist believes in the human unity of humanity. Now, it's counterintuitive, but it's a fact people are not recognizing it. We are in a closed system. There is not one, not one terrarium made by humanity that is lasted 50 years. Yet we live in a closed system terrarium. An organic dynamic one, who, incidentally, have defined well defined patterns, easily identifiable, if you just if we take a step back, from our complicating habits, and force a habit of simplifying. Now, when we're children, and when you watch children, they model what it's like to be an adult. By playing house, playing marriage, we used to play marriage and divorce tag, Dad, you were married, the drills take you back you were divorced. Kind of weird, but that's what we did mistakes is run those are those habits those urges is what we continue as an adult. Now I want to I want to give you an example of things that you know that you don't even know. I will give you $100 right now. If you can look around you at every single thing which is your field of vision at this moment and find anything that you cannot imagine what it would feel like on your tongue. Take your time. I was barely horrified myself the first time I realized that. I don't remember licking every single thing I've ever seen in my life. But obviously I did. Most of us did when we were little. Thank goodness, we were resilient enough not to die. Then it's an example of a knowledge that you have embedded in you. And yet you're not consciously aware of it. Now, that kind of knowledge is something that's is held by the captain, Captain net captain of our lives. Who is the subconscious sleeping, analytical night auditor? The processes on the data are waking conscious lives, gathers every single day. That's right. You thought you were in charge all this time? Nope. The best comparison or analogy that I can provide for anyone is that our waking lives is like being a pet dog. Get Scooby Snacks, get playing around Bucha bark, B. And generally, restaurant frolic can play all day. And they think they're in charge. The subconscious mind is a pet cat. You love the cat, you pet the cat to feed the cat but the cat wants when you're petting the cat just to get a CLI really you freeze until let's go because the cat is in charge. A little bit wild doesn't really want these comes back whenever it's got its own mission going on. That is the subconscious mind. It is in charge Nietzsche talked about when we finally admit to ourselves that our subconscious is the thing that's in charge, we can begin to live our lives. Now there's some some things I wanted to do a read actually that I read just before I jumped on here. And anybody who has any questions, whatnot, feel free to chime in. I'm always available. Here we go. Now, what I want to address is the nihilism that Nietzsche found very concerning in his professional life in his life as a study nihilism in total is saying there's the universe in life or indifferent to humanity. Whether we're here or not, it's gonna keep going it doesn't care about us. My challenge to that and his challenge as well is, well one appears that there's a God if there's no human can even consider it. Now, he said, Nietzsche describes the final man, right? We have nihilism as a lack of higher values is represented by what was called the last man, one who is conformist, mediocre and perfectly happy to be virtually the same as everyone else. They simply do what others do. They are the mass of people who seem very satisfied with whatever comforteth Nietzsche described them as this book, zero distress. And yeah, here we go. Allah's the time is coming. When Mongols roll I'm gonna give birth to a star. Alas, the time of the most despicable man is coming here that is no longer able to despise himself. Behold, I show you the last man. What is love? What is creation? What is logging? What is a star. This asks the last man and he blinks. The Earth has become small, and only tops the last man who makes everything small. His race is as distributed as the flea beetle. The last man lives longest. we've invented happiness since the last man in the blink of left the regions where it was hard to live. For one needs want it One rubs against him. For one needs one, one still works for work is a form of entertainment. But when is capitalistic entertainment, the two arrows one no longer becomes poor or rich. Both require too much exertion. who still wants to work who obey both require too much exertion. That's interesting. The Last Man has just a standard so far downward, that they're able to be met easily. He's under a woolly blankets not gonna by the fireplace, drinking his instinct cook with miniature marshmallows from his life is good mode, thinking this is as good as I can get. Now that last man does focus on his life. But on the lowest values, his culture is that entertainment? Does this warm satisfaction mean? That he's not nihilistic by Nietzsche's lights? Absolutely not. Nietzsche wants us to think of such a person as the very worst form of the condition of nihilism. I want to take a moment here to let everybody know, I'm not trying to take ology not trained in psychology at all. However, anthropology is the study of the story of humanity. And as such, it touches a little bit of everything. Inherently, applied anthropology is looking for those patterns within human nature, historically, in our societal and cultural expressions, of the modern age, and in past, archaeological and whatnot, as well as within nature, that we can find that correlate. Not only that, but we look for those patterns. So we can offer simple solutions to the challenges that face our continued story. Existence. That's it. I say are you and whatnot, actually don't hang out with any other any of the biologist. By training, I'm just, you know, I'm not going to do they're not going to be a little myself. I'm uniquely perfect, and you are two. That's one thing I love to illustrate right off the bat. You're always here and nothing is perfect. Nobody's perfect. But there was only one man perfect. Yeah. If you're unique, and everything was Neinstein, physics, theory, relativity, asserts. No two things can exist in the same space at the same time, therefore everything is discretely itself. Unique, therefore perfect, a perfect example of itself. Why can no one else judge you any harsher than you'll judge yourself because no one knows you any better than you know yourself. And I would submit that statistically likelihood from the patterns that exist the idea of God, or Devil is still an aspirational one. We have yet to collaborate to such a degree or have any kind of degree of integrity or consistency in our systems that would enable the next level or shell the onion. And that's just looking at all the other communities of light things that collaborate in nature. There's a degree of percentage of collaboration that must occur before that next show is activated. So since you're in me Monday, waiting for anyone and I think you can allow people to to be onstage, anyone to come along and challenge me. So I knew for instance, when I went to that thing in the desert, there's no way I was gonna go around and be able to see everybody. So the idea was to make a better person trap. So I could just, it would be cool enough that people come by and I can meet them that way. I've been chasing people down first thing I did when I found truth is I ran to the Christian tradition because that's where I was raised. I figured that it would take you so long. Jeez, really? You just found truth as long time Nope. Absolutely. Voluntarily the bottom ized from the even the ability of considering it. Why because it Isn't it isn't anything supernatural? Because love wouldn't give us? Okay? You got a kid and they go? Can you hand me the remote from TV? And you go? No, but I can't hand you an existential future virtual remote from the quantum world of the future. Yeah. Okay, that's cool. Where is it? In your mind? See it, it's not going to do any good for him. It's not practical. It can't be used in this world to get abused in this world. What is the point? Aside from all the other logical fallacies? The fact is, is that if you're going to do a systems analysis, right, and everyone in any other religions, when you say, is it consistent with itself will say yes. So what you do is you find and this is within any system, you want to want to check out system homework research that you've got, or whatever is being offered in your book. All you have to do is find the concept, or the practice that is unequivocal. What's that mean? That means it is unpossible. It is it is either or. And then compare everything within that system to that unequivocal idea. And that will tell you how much integrity the system has. So here's the one that I love. Because it's easy in the existing, namely, Christian tradition in America. But yeah, I could sing would probably hold for about vikita. But Anyway, point being, First John. Four, eight, if it is not loving, it is not God, for God is love. That's unequivocal. Therefore, anything that is not loving is not good, or of God. There's a slew of Scripture that is absolutely not loving, being ineffable, being unfathomable, not being able not to No, guess what, it's not love. Guilt is not love. Right? Human sacrifice is not love. You know, besides the fact that human sacrifice was banned when Abraham son was saved from sacrifice by finding a ram in a bush, at least in Hebrew theology. So it would make no sense, then for human sacrifice to be the thing that came along as the solution. Anything you want to figure out, in systems analysis, you can, the one thing you can't escape is that we are all connected, all of us are one species on on one planet, in a closed system. You can't have you can, you can opt out and not engage with the human collective, but that has an effect in what freedom is in the natural, long idea. Nature is your freedom is absolute insofar as it until your fist impacts my face. or inhibits me from being able to be a person with agency. Now, what is agency, people will challenge you, they will say, agency is the ability to express an action, anything that you want, I call bullshit. Why? Because free will is not an external action. If it were, that would mean you're only as worthy as the external actions that you produce. And that is bullshit. Free will is a downloadable thing, that no matter what kind of torture you undergo, what kind of hardship you you have to suffer, you are enviable, and that to allow someone to affect you, fundamentally, at the root of who you are, is to give voluntarily, your agency over to another which is why the malicious and malcontents tend to announce everything they're going to do by accusing everybody else doing what they're about to do. So there is a logically valid human truth. You know, what's the point of a logically valid human truth? It's universal. I'll tell you what the point is. What let me But let me start with a question what is if you can answer text, what is the first and most important thing made within any system? Now you can think of creation myths or whatever. It should be fairly apparent, but if it's not, don't worry about it. It's contrast. Without contrast. You are in a static existence, unable to discern movement, or even communicate, because there is no contrast by which to communicate through the differences of one thing to another. I thought that was pretty unique. And that had not been readily apparent to me. at a younger age Hold on just second while I opened my job. In the meantime, please listen to Yogi's friendly comedic whatever Donald, what are you doing here Well, you didn't understand. Dame orgy said. God that looks like Donald but isn't duck No, no, no, we still we still don't understand you. Maybe if you quit talking like a duck. You know, nobody else talks like a duck. Whale. It's not ideal. Okay, I will. I'm not good. I'm Jay. I'm the obese brand. And I keep him company when he is both one of many characters. And he's got like, say, Kelly the frog. Hi, Ho. Kelly the pug here coming to you live from no BS. Yeah. winging it. I can get this damn thing open. I need a lighter or something. I'm also doing artwork at this time. But what has opted not to do heavy kind of videos? All testers have been working on it. freaking day and night. And day. Okay. Yes, yes, this paragon of logic and human truth is scrambling around outside looking for means to open his judo. Since nobody else is here, and right now, you know, golden opportunity is about to pass for now, because I'm going to keep coming back here and bugging the hell out everybody until somebody starts recognizing that, hey, we're working awful hard for what we're getting. What if we did something that was more beneficial for everyone? Yeah. Yeah, that would be nice. Whoa. The tagline of my company Gilby. Works. Studios, LLC. Live Smart, not hard, and shelter and play. That's the best way to get there. So it brings me joy to sit here and ramble to myself. Or do you know Monday?
This episode, no challenger arrived, so it is a chat
Melindi 34:06
I'm sorry. I didn't really catch what you said.

Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi the Bear’ Blumberg 34:11
Oh. Which part?

Melindi 34:19
The thing you said, just now like you asked me a question. Did you?

Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi the Bear’ Blumberg 34:28
Oh, no, no, don't don't apologize. Let me rephrase. There's no need to apologize because you haven't done anything wrong. The only bad communication is not communicating at all. Yeah, and do many people have a habit of doing that? I have had a habit of communicating too much. Apparently. Some questions. Do you have any questions?

Melindi 34:56
Yeah. So I was listening to what you said. But you I'm telling and what I found interesting is how do you like how do you explain the human existence? The reason and? And you, you are told that there's a logical human truth. Yes. So yeah. And also, I was searching that you were XSplit, you had a reference for last man, the play. So I was searching for that as well. And I found it very interesting. Because I was also I'm also interested. And I'm also like, to existentialism, I found it very interesting. And nihilism as well. So basically, I found truth in those queries. So yeah. For the, for the existence of the humans.

Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi the Bear’ Blumberg 36:11
What would you do you feel like trying a little exercise would mean, this is one you might be familiar with. Have you heard the question? If a tree falls in a forest and no human is there to hear it? Does it make a sound? Have you? Have you heard this one before? Oh, well.

Melindi 36:35
I think it does.

Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi the Bear’ Blumberg 36:39
Okay, but what informs you that it would make a sound if no human is there?

Melindi 36:46
Um, oh, that's tough questions. But the question but I'm

Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi the Bear’ Blumberg 37:01
not trying to put you on the spot. Now, the reason why is because most people will say yes, of course, it doesn't make sense because they, they can imagine it and they believe that there's an existence, a reality that occurs, whether they are we are present or not. That is, in a nutshell, the basis behind Niall ism, they've gone so far as to say, well, it, it makes it produces vibrations that trees might pick up, is really tortured it. Much like when people are confronted with the fallacy of something that they've been doing for many years, if not their whole life, and they want to try and reach into logically unstable areas to try and justify why they're still doing it, or why anybody's still doing something. The point is, is to consider what what occurs when humanity is not present is irrelevant to living our lives in the present. Because it doesn't matter what occurs when humanity isn't present because we're not present. Now, in terms of stewardship of our, of our shared existence on planet Earth, that is a little bit different because there's not many places where there isn't some human within 10 miles so in a very real sense, we're spanning the globe. And, and I tend to think of history as one giant human being, right, who has been going through you know, it's childhood growing up through in civilization and now we're in our kind of late 20s You know, we're we're about to hit 30 and it's technically not young but we're not there yet. And we're living dangerously getting our tongue pierced or something so crazy we know last minute

Melindi 39:21
Yes Yeah, I was thinking about it actually.

Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi the Bear’ Blumberg 39:38
Well, well is that we are a two minds we are a subjective. We are a subconscious sleeping mind we are conscious waking mind, just as we are a subjective existence within a collective species. And we can, we can self validate. But all of us been trained in America at least, to have validation externally. So it's, it's not a habit of ours to self validate, we validate by our cars or clothes or position or title, or education and our following.

Melindi 40:28
Yes, exactly. Right. Is conversation because I look around people change to possessions, they found validation of themselves in, as you said in material things. But I found it very, I mean, very saddening to see how people go off to the material positions, and they are no longer think about themselves and their inner peace and everything. So I think the I know, the aina How can I say that? Um, it's like never ending it will never end which will never end.

Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi the Bear’ Blumberg 41:41
It's like being stuck in high school forever.

Melindi 41:44

Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi the Bear’ Blumberg 41:46
With all the clicks, and, and, you know, mean, girls, and, you know, yeah, it's that's exactly what it's like. And yeah, it's counterintuitive. But what it seems to me in my analysis, large scale systems is that people are kept in a childlike emotional state, by design. Because those in power have a vested interest in staying in power, and they have for 1000s of years, and they've had 1000s of years to get really good at it. And the reason why they're really good at it, is because they manipulate the concept of value. Now value that's at the heart of why it's hard for people to validate themselves as priceless. And they seek material things or external validation. Right? This is why money is evil. It's not the love of money, that is evil, it's money itself because it is externalizing the source of value that we use to engage with each other on a fundamental level. Now what what is the source of value? Do you know what? What gives anything value? This is simple logic here, it's an either or pretty much. For example, is gold inherently valuable?

Melindi 43:31
Um, something I found valuable is a conscious human conscious.

Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi the Bear’ Blumberg 43:44
Yes, it is. Just to make the lasagna would you say what would you value more? A brick of gold or the lifelong, dedicated and compassionate focus and attention of another human being?

Melindi 44:03
Second, obviously the second

Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi the Bear’ Blumberg 44:06
Yes. So the focused attention of one person is a far more value to anyone then any gold or position or flights to Mars. Now imagine this, then, this is what value is on a large scale, scale, the ability or the concept presented to gain the attention of the human collective at a large scale and maintain their intention over time. Now money, what's fascinating and why keeps people's attention is it is reward without any responsibility for how the value was generated. It doesn't matter who you are, what age you are, or what you've done in your life. If you have a million dollars, you have a million dollars So, in light of that, what I have seen what seems to be the most efficient way of going about life is one going ahead and growing up by imagining our death, both mentally and intellectually and emotionally, putting ourselves before the process death's door, and really feeling it. Like what that means. And just accepting it, because there's nothing else we can do but accept it. Fighting, it isn't going to help anything. So if nobody else can Die your death for you doesn't matter what anybody else thinks, as far as how you need to be okay with your own death, or is that solely your decision? Let me say that another way.

Melindi 46:08
So registration, right? Yeah.

Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi the Bear’ Blumberg 46:11
Yeah, yes, it's being ready to be ready for death at any time. means accepting it now. And deciding how you want to go about the living life in a simple way that will keep you ready for it at any time for me. I just got to know that I always did my best. Well, what's what's my best, it's gets determined by me. I can only give 100%. So if anything outside of life doesn't, it doesn't think that my 100% is good enough. They can go to hell, I don't need them. And they're gonna have a really arguable arguing meditative person in the afterlife if there is one, if they do. First of all, I don't want to reward that's forever. What I want if the word for forever is the way to end it, oh, 7 million years in, I'll be like, let me out this crazy train. I don't know how old you are. You look about maybe 24. But I feel I feel like many lifetimes old. And I'm not even half a century yet. So I can't imagine living 700 million years, let alone singing praises and bowing before something. The fact that we think that's reward is you know, I had to really get away from religion for a while before I could even like, Stop feeling guilty all the time. But if you want a simple process, at least one that I use, that got me to this spot, is anything I'm looking at or seeing or trying to figure out, I asked myself first, is this loving? Is this what love would do? Or ultimatums loving? No? Okay, well, then I have my answer. It's easy to know what love isn't, especially when you're seeing it. But the next one is if I have more than one answer in front of me after I asked myself Is it loving? Then I asked myself which one is the simplest because mostly, we're pretty lazy and we go we go for the simplest solutions. So that's usually the right one. And then third, if anything's left, I ask myself is what I'm thinking of doesn't manipulate free will. In other words, does it try and like all me or scare me or control me in some way? That is not beneficial. Good intentions are usually fear based. So what do you do Malindi?

Melindi 49:21
I'm from Sri Lanka. Not quite sure and where are you from?

Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi the Bear’ Blumberg 49:33
I'm from West Texas.

Melindi 49:36
Oh, right.

Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi the Bear’ Blumberg 49:38
California right now.

Melindi 49:41
Nice. Okay. Yeah, I'm currently I'm an undergraduate.

Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi the Bear’ Blumberg 49:49
Yeah, what do you study?

Melindi 49:52
I study French language, English and International Relations.

Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi the Bear’ Blumberg 49:58
Oh, well then this and you're in the right chat room right now. Because how can you talk to anybody? If you don't have the same understanding? To start from? default back to? What? I love this because it's zero and one either it is or it isn't. Don't let anybody tell you differently in international relations or communications. There is no gray area when it comes to right and wrong.

Melindi 50:34

Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi the Bear’ Blumberg 50:37
Yeah. Like the United Nations is an oxymoron. It should just say united. Because when they say they're implying they're not united.

Melindi 50:51
Exactly agreed. I fully agree with you. Because currently, we are like, we are facing a very tough situation in Sri Lanka. So it's like, there's economic crisis going here. Because politicians are like, they're corrupted. And these tools, man, they have stolen money from, from taxes and everything. Now, our country is bankrupted. And like, people have like no money, like, they don't have resources, like, the basic needs, they can't fulfill their basic needs and all happened because of the like, you know, politicians and their corrupted ruling system. So

Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi the Bear’ Blumberg 51:46
you don't have a system you can use actually to replace money. Simple as a simple system, if you have anybody you can upload to the blockchain. Serious? Really? Yeah, you can take any you can, you can take credit card, your credit for it. But I mean, the point is, you know, I don't even want credit for it, but it is a system and it works. Let me give you the link. So you can read it, and I'd be happy to explain it to you. Okay.

Melindi 52:22
Yeah, I will try creating a done, I asked questions about,

Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi the Bear’ Blumberg 52:28
I believe, I believe it will translate in Adobe. So let me get the link. Okay. So, it it's another system in it's simple. What it does is it assumes that we're not going to punish anyone. Right, we're only rewarding any activities that are beneficial not only to the two people who are submitting a transaction a social engagement, but it has to demonstrably benefit for other people because mathematically we are separated from each other globally by six people if you know six people by extension, you know, if you trace all of their friends by six, you know the whole world. So, this is what it is love, let me give you a little context love, let me start a different way. You know, what safety is right work safety, work safety, for it to work at work requires full, transparent and open communication at all levels and everyone within that safety system has to be able to access anyone within the system that they need to at any time to address a safety issue. And everyone has the ability to stop all work at any time without repercussion that is safety culture. Do any questions on that? Do you understand that concept?

Melindi 54:23
Yes, I did. Yeah. Okay.

Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi the Bear’ Blumberg 54:26
Awesome. Interestingly, a pattern match for that communication pattern exactly is loving ourselves and loving others. You have to love yourself first. Before you understand how to love others, and that and that is communication. Operations operate and make the environment so Therefore, it is possible to quantify quantify, we can block to find safe one to five. So, for this open collect with the human collective to which we are demonstrative. We have the concept of filial love. It's a Greek term. But really what it means is our giving to another without any expectation of getting anything back. It's an expression of love for one another that is expressed without expectation of return, or at least it is a love that is paid forward, for which we may not see or experience it. Any returns directly subjectively or even within our lifetimes, yet it is expressed regardless of that potential possibility. Okay, do you follow me so far? Yes, I'm sending you I'm sending you the link in in here. Okay, sorry, I had to go into the chat. Did you paste there we go. There's the link. So you can read along if you like. It's not very long. So we can demonstrate publicly for all to witness by the application of online blockchain accounting Ledger's? The task of identifying expressions of this type of safety or love, we can see for ourselves, it is quantifiable, knowable, and a concept that utilizes our ability to mark social engagement through the mindful labeling of those things, which meets simple logical metric requirements. Now non fungible token, I don't know if you know what that is, what it does, is it marks an asset in digital space in a way that it can, it can, it can be tracked, it can be tracked, you can know who created it, you can know how many layers is it, it's a way of tracking digital assets. So with that in mind, when two people engage in any kind of transaction, let's say you and I are engaged in transaction and you are a therapist, and I need some therapy. I come to you and I say I need some therapy, and you say, I can give you therapy, what would you like to achieve if we decide what we need want to achieve in the therapy, we write it down in an agreement, and we upload it to the digital space, and then we apply an NFT to it. So then we can track it. In the agreement, we define ourselves within it by putting in a fee on our subconscious mind, as priceless and enviable. In other words, nobody can buy it. Us. Nobody can own us. And we are priceless. In our conscious mind is the representative of us subjectively. And our subconscious mind is how you're connected to the collective. So we're representing ourselves in that way. So in putting ourselves in the agreement, by NFT, and description of our subconscious, we are attached to that agreement. And it can be uploaded if it meets his requirements to the blockchain and tracked over time. And anybody can track it and search it and see our engagements with others our agreements. And if we, if it's if it's on the blockchain, that means that we met the agreement, you completed it, and everybody was happy. Does that make sense? It does, yeah. Okay. Okay. Submitted agreement must benefit the two submitters and an additional four people by 80%. Right? It means it has to be of benefit to you and me by AD demonstrable factors, at present without surpassing a handicap of 19, negative or neutral factors, right? Like in other words, if we do an agreement, like we're doing this therapy, but we burned down three forests, while we're doing it, that's a negative effect. Right, that might actually surpass 90%. So if it doesn't meet the metric, nobody's punished. It just doesn't get uploaded to the blockchain. Now the system I call it is the holistic uniformity gratitude system of logical validity or hugs. You like hugs?

Melindi 59:59
Yeah. I do.

Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi the Bear’ Blumberg 1:00:04
Hugs, holistic uniformity gratitude system where participants can submit to any blockchain through the anthropocentric gauge and potential valuation filter, which is a long way of saying agave, which is Greek for filial love. Successful meeting of the progressively increasing metrics for each social engagement category releases a trackable NFT to each direct participant, as well as each benefiting participants who are associated and benefit from the transaction. So people can track it. And that's it. That's all it does is track and one goes back into the archive. The more people engage, the more value it inherently builds. Because it's a trust system that places like humans at the center of our engagement as having unlimited potential instead of money. Does that make sense? Yeah. Okay. You don't have to use it. It's not required. This is an open source thing. And yeah, I don't, I don't have to be attributed or anything. But yeah, if anybody has any questions, I'm happy to answer them. Now, there's, there's other things that go with it. For instance, if you want to there is a system of engagement that's decentralized, called the hatch, open organizational structure. This is basically Gandhi's communal anarchy. It's keeping power close to the people. And those who are in the team or the leadership positions, quote, unquote, leadership positions are anonymous. And they can't tell anybody that they're on the board or whatever, until after they serve their turn. That way. There's no power attached to the position and they can focus on their job. Get why look somebody to a position in government, why not make them go serve it? Like if they were getting a jury summons? Right? You just gotta take people's egos out of it. No secret meetings? No top level, high level defense, anything that they can't tell anybody? If they can't tell everybody, then they shouldn't be doing it. Does that make sense?

Melindi 1:02:49
Yeah, yeah.

Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi the Bear’ Blumberg 1:02:51
Yeah, if you wouldn't be willing to do it in front of your grandmother, are you doing it or it's time for grandmother to get with the times right. Thing is the application through progressively increasing value of expending personal social time and energy on the unlimited potential of another human beings endeavors with another by identifying those beneficial engagements or transactions that we want to see more of, by making them accessible to all within the human collective and open and transparent on the blockchain architecture of the ledger. All it is, is an online ledger, like an accounting ledger, whereby growth is limited, right? With hard assets and direct participation value rather than stock investment, or substituting participation with money. Right. That will increasingly imply unseen subjective social pressure to make the right collective beneficial decisions with the knowledge of our inherent connections to each other. Because over time, as you build a reputation, you can pass that reputation on to your loved ones, or your partners. And they won't want to screw up the value you have built up over time. In your engagements with people. Right. Yeah, exactly. So why people safety is what people do when no one is looking. So how do you make somebody be safe or put on a hardhat when nobody's looking or put on safety boots? They won't unless they've seen somebody get their foot chopped off, or they've had their foot injured. Now we've all been burned by being hungry and poor. All of us, you've been taken advantage and we've been powerless. But the fact is, is just like it takes two people to fight. It takes two people to make a thing victimless or victim engagement, not that the victim is responsible for being victimized, but victims, us, we need to understand how we allowed ourselves to be put in a position where we could be victimized. We gotta learn. And that's what this does. You can't, the only thing I would say is it has to stay simple. That's the state zeros and ones, and the ad 20 Mix on this. So if somebody submits a social engagement to the blockchain, and you've submitted for therapy twice the second time, the the metric increases by 1%. So it's not 80%. It's 81%. And the handicap is now 18%. So that makes people work harder to to have better engagements as it grows. Let me ask you this. Do you know who invented the wheel? Sorry, do you know who invented the wheel? It's a rhetorical question. Nobody knows who invented the wheel. But we all benefit. Yeah, if I admitted the wheel, that would be enough, just knowing that everybody's lives is better because of it. I could care less if I bet if I if I have riches or anything, I just want. I want everybody's day not to be so hard. And you sound like you might want to do so. I sent you the leak. If you got any questions, you know where to find me, I'm going to be here with my public challenge. Daring anybody to can invalidate my premise. So it's been a pleasure having you this evening.

Melindi 1:06:51
Yeah, yeah. As I said earlier, it's quite eye opening to keep doing this. Like, really, like, it's very beneficial for, for the audience.

Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi the Bear’ Blumberg 1:07:09
That is appreciated. Thank you so much for the feedback. Yeah, I don't want to ever be transactional. I don't charge for my art. And because I give it away for free people hire me to do jobs. So so far, I've been able to stay out of debt and not borrow any money. And I'm hoping to continue to to do so. And hopefully, the having the eye opening experience isn't as frightening for you as it was for me two years ago, I had a panic attack looking around at everybody was like, is everybody is anybody else seeing what I'm seeing? Everyone's like, walking around with their eyes wide open and not seeing anything?

Melindi 1:07:52
Exactly. Yeah. Same question for me as well. Because as I said earlier, people are running like running after the things that will not beneficial for them in the long run. Right? Because, like, they don't have like, they don't have real purpose. It's like, they don't live in the moment.

Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi the Bear’ Blumberg 1:08:22
Yeah, so I believe if I believe in giving people the truth. That's all they need. Nature will take care of the rest. It's if anybody is trying to sell the keys to success are the secrets to spiritual enlightenment. They don't have them. Because if they did, they would give them away for free. Because all boats rise together. Your success is my success. That is value enough. I should never charge for it. Thank you so much for honoring me by joining me tonight. I wish you best and hope to see you soon.

Melindi 1:09:07
Yeah. Thank you.

Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi the Bear’ Blumberg 1:09:11
Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and end it tonight.

Melindi 1:09:14
Okay. Thank you. Thank you. You too.