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The Pilgrim-on-Point, Intro to Wisdomapp.org S2E13

The Pilgrim-on-Point, Intro to Wisdomapp.org

I was recently invited to join the Wisdom App. This is my impromptu introduction to the podcasters and mentors there.

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Aren't you yes I am good evening this is Yobi with Yobiworks, pilgrim on point for the human collective keeping it brief but I also want to document some writing progress that beneficial engagement and I had and have not much benefit is the constant labeling classification and separation one from another that seems unintentional absolutely is by design in recognizing the accepting that is key to accepting ourselves within the context in which we live in and that is of utmost importance to each of us so, let's see why am I sharing this man apps droopy available and in Germany is increasingly good friend that's something that I quite enjoy so, Pardon me while I reach out to him in a wisdom chat room crying Cromie maybe not kiss son more likely droopy because he's going to be awaken that said the planet right now. Does it have to be on right now just so I don't burn my arm. So we'll try and get you away from that one when it is Martin but it did very much have an opportunity to sometimes, just sometimes, sometimes sometimes. Certainly, I can't get it out to you. Quite a bit formative of where I'm at and what informs where I'm going. So by way of introduction, I am a simple West Texas boy born and raised in Odessa, Texas. 49 years old, be 50 this are probably the most most prolific people you've never heard of gotten hundreds of podcasts live cast. I like doing improv comedy. Working on my main project I'm focused on right now. And I have five or six and they when the doors are open, I move forward. The doors demonstrate that they're closed I look around and see what doors are open. main one is called the struggle between the theology of short stories beginning with the one in the room and ending with the other tours and in between our comedic tales of animal engagements. Like move on Bob finally bonds is voice. There we go. We are an appeal from the collective to itself. We are Earth in our garden does not seem well in cries out but is not nor lost even wants to be seen under our feet felt in our blockchain and lungs in the unnatural Rick in our when we drink notifications never and then other deep places of which we do not speak whether you see your sense is irrelevant it's our collective self first view its own mortality or absolute lack of ability to save or ever after answer why would our Creator make such beauty only to annihilate our Earth our garden our blue sky environment was sadness we refuse the knowledge of ourselves within any garden choosing to live within the waterfall of every single tear from every eye falling in each and all and any coming year we must release our fear the requirement of life is its death that does not mean we should park really if we stop put fear shall never mend and in love born in one again we'll all grow strong as love born by all once again yes again let us continue with the only eating we will ever have and have ever known from the start of the big round Bang to the flat altar event of black freezes even the thought of heat and all memory water or ground this is the moment we must choose to wake up else why forever having not chosen in our self made prisons frozen floating in eternal terror felt good you know I should be able to dropbox so now, I'm going to give you rounded experience. I can take any of these and put them in Otter and transcribe them fortunately we're all Today's been a snarfed day let me explain snarf start this nurse origins in the desert one year, I found myself in the blyat metaphorical landscape to play everyone out there is out there very much intensely. Nobody just intention you meet few people, or between ones that you meet tend to be significant and interesting. Or at the middle of my epiphany. Birdman decided to have a dream party come out into the middle of abdominal epiphany and tried to appeal to my friends who were there who didn't see things the way I did. And in doing so I lost track of my bicycle which was 10,000 different bikes run out of water. I was feeling miserable and hurt is incredibly grating noise generator and I wanted to do chicken Biden scream at the university instead They sit down next it's different they're cruising racing the suck after about 12 minutes and released it felt much much much much that's what I mean when I know I need to release songs right torture my 16 year old doing so. This the frustrations I've had, I've been on the internet 10 years old. My uncle got me on the internet taught me everything that he knew and I was hook, line and sinker. There was until I got my first car discovered hormones were incredibly out for more interactions with the opposite sex but I was all about it. Interestingly enough, I had a really long interesting conversation with his go to names a leprechaun. It was part of the design studio was in just last year, sponsored by Buckminster Fuller Institute. And turned out he is one of the original project designers and proposers of d3 to God in 1979, which became what we're speaking on right now. It was a really deep and engaging conversation. And I look forward to chatting with him again. Maybe it can happen, come on to this. His project right now is beaming, which has been uplifting, engaging and regenerative and we're engaged because I felt very much like compelled and channeled into being the the Howling Wolf in the dark, pointing out how the dark is imprisoned, and has seemingly more logical validity and integrity. Overall, over time, the light does. And in that regard, doesn't have any question where love is truly sourced and safety. So validation would come from the dark. After all, sleep in the garden. Trust the dark valleys keep us safe. I had a lifelong insomnia which are my experience. I felt compelled to stay up to ensure that my parents literally did not kill each other and their emotional outbursts. I was more of a ornaments being I think, within their realm of drama, another is pretty much pretty much like the female version of Trump. To this day, I'm convinced if we were to angle both her Trump and Bill Shatner into the same building, they would gravitate towards each other. find each other sitting at the same table across from each other and discovering that they really enjoyed each other's company likely would never leave arrogant, there by saving Much, much. Perhaps unnecessary. harsher Lessons Learned Yeah. So I said all that to say the internet has been, in my estimation observation, quite frankly, I think it's quite demonstrable. How they are separating inviting people empower individuals to do systems analysis, opposite logistics for the last 25 plus years. I'm trying to keep it simple and keep the truth and then forms the various skilled at manipulating perception in regards to the system and letting people make their own assumptions and wash their own damn brain, I suppose. And they feel pretty confident in systems ability to maintain for them. So with truth, fear and love. I like to think of it as being two sides, it's a magnet. For me, that simplifies things, and the agency and I can choose I do my best because I choose to regardless of any guarantee or promise reward or punishment, after this reality that exists necessarily outside of anywhere, anything that we could possibly know. For me, I found love in 2020 rediscovered it originally I dedicated myself to the will of love. I was six little devices vehicles in store immediately begin the learning process of acceptance. Yes, if anybody would like to join, please feel free. Again, this is why it works. And I'm calling up some documentation to read and just introducing myself to the community here. It's got a podcast. Yes, you can find on most podcast aggregators. And again, one probably one of the most prolific guys you've never heard of. Nothing I'm saying is new. Nothing is new under the sun. I find it interesting. It took me 41 years to come full written back to rediscovering love. As I knew it when I was six, to logical analysis and critical thinking, I found that it was right on time. Right on time. So this is seems a little bit like cross between castbox and the house. So I always love having guests to chat with. I'm a historian by study in college, went to the Marines got myself through college. I'm applied anthropologist studying the story of the human race, analyzing our systems and deploying unique solutions to the challenges that are evident within the pattern and the solutions that are evident for us in the patterns mainly to art. So my main project is the struggle between the short story anthology which I'm working on an animation, everything I do self taught, I went to the youth for it went to the University of Help menu in the state of me. So, I had started out with reading of we are Earth, which is an appeal from the collective to itself. That was a singular experience of poetry writing that I find is multi layered and quite comforting in many ways. So any questions? Feel free to ask I'm also on Behance. My method of engagement is it's not to be transactional. I don't want to take my joy and turn it into monetary livelihood and And that's why I'm debt free, I have a business that works for us. That is the here, I've been able to keep doing what I want to do for free and I get just enough Commission's doing that going and keep focused on what's right in front of me. So I'm going to try and pull up my projects here. We can't do it on the iPad Pro. Those wonderful gadgets that are supposed to be a gateway destination. But you can listen to my show written to the short stories in the anthology, one in the room right now the boy in the room, but I'm updating from a friend who made this suggestion stripping Poland in Germany and bovine voice, which I think is going to be the draw for getting other animators to help me do this before I start waking up slumped over my computer. Again, I've been able to get all the animation to get into Adobe Animate, you just have to put each frame one by one into the into the program instead of trying to do it all at once. So glad to have you with us. So I started these projects these around the project really lifelong projects I've been working on analysis. But it all comes from an initiative that I call building autonomous collaborative organizational networks, which has led to the holistic uniform gratitude system logic. logics, a structure that can be configured to anything in the escape hatch, which is an open source organizational structure, the spreed Service Core, they weaponized our spirit of service in the Marines to make the one of the most deadly forces or known to man. And interestingly, they have a call to all Marines to submit ideas for redefining our mission. And I think it should be being indomitable in history, we can see nothing but example after example, of course, written by the winners of fear based strategies, which are hiring or our goal structures that can be controlled and run by very few people, of course, obviously dig into power and wealth. They need therapy going to have compassion for them. But he can't find it in history and examples of indomitable loving societies that have not been utterly destroyed to pestilence and invasion and whatnot. This is a unique time collective. I'm working on a research paper to submit for peer review, that there is enough evidence to demonstrate the existence of the human collective in the patterns within nature. Another way of looking at this, in any system, when you're analyzing it, you want to find what's unequivocal, and then compare the rest of the system to that unequivocal concept or process. And that will give you an idea of its integrity check. I use constantly which came from my years and operations, logistics, leading indicators. leading indicators are those things that when you witnessed them or experienced them, I'll give an example. If I'm watching the yard oil and gas distribution facility and I see guys know that I'm walking through the yard but they don't have their safety gear on or talk to you on the phone while they're trying to drive out the gate. Enough of those will mean that the likelihood statistically of someone getting injured or killed is quite high. And my job is manager is to mitigate the worst case scenario two is always death. mitigate the occurrence of entering into that process earlier that should be statistically expected. So leading indicators are huge in my analysis. For example, here's a good one. First, John, I'm not a Christian, but I do believe in love. And the pattern is evident in entering interpersonal communications. Don't bring in those datasets that can only exist outside of life. They're not unfalsifiable. If there's agency don't believe it's demonstrable. Actually, the hacker matches that I'm working on right now, I think, safe to submit for raising our absolute ability, inability to know for certain, to any degree if there was being with agency that might have to divert dominoes so to speak. I believe this pattern matching, it's easier to say the six pattern matches that I've gotten. And I've drawn out the rough sketches on patterns and more refined ones available. Those patterns are fact that they correlate and are so evident across such widely divergent systems and seemingly divergent all it needs to be is presented to a high degree of confidence for logical validity. And that's easy in demonstrable between using to zero and one you haven't read up you know, one is zero is not should raise that from absolute uncertainty to us just despicable probability. Any degree beyond absolute zero, for me is tantamount to proof like watermark. It enters the realm of statistical probability without becoming an absolute certainty. So, we are self validating subjective individuals that once we move from childhood to adulthood and go from mi to sell validating to IBM, not faking it till you make it but truly standing on the truth of human life, which is no one's gonna tell your death for you. Knowing that is one thing, understanding it quite another thing that informs the baseline metaphor of that story, one of my favorites of the Garden of Eden is that it's a story about how knowledge surpassed understanding. You know, I'm just gonna read that poem one more time. I love it. It's it's, we are appeal from the collective to itself. Is that alright? Anybody have any objections? If you do, please speak now and like doing voiceover so I hear a lot of voiceovers. Comedy is. The bomb for everything is the when when done right. We are in our garden does not see them well, in cries out that it is not hit nor lost, wants to be seen under our feet, felt in our blackening the lungs, and the unnatural grit in our teeth when we drink and other deep places of which do not speak. Whether you see your senses irrelevant. It's our collective self first knew its own mortality, our absolute lack of ability to save or ever after answer why would our Creator make such beauty only to annihilate our Earth, our garden or blue sky? In fact, it was sadness we refuse the knowledge of ourselves within any garden choosing to live within the waterfall of every single tear from every eye falling in each and all in any coming year. We must release our fear requirement of life is its best get that doesn't mean we should park early. If we stop with the fear shall never been in love born in one again we'll all grow strong as love born by all once again. Yes again. Let us continue to lead and we will ever and ever known from the start of the big round Bang to the flatwater event of blank free is even the thought of heat and all memory water or ground. This this is the moment we must choose to wake up. Else live forever having not chosen in our self made prisons frozen, floating in eternal terror found I just don't like throwing stones, I do have a DTV psychosis on YouTube, it's 10 minutes. It's an improv one of my favorite ones came together for a while. So now let me try and get this other document it's so hard have you noticed how difficult it is to get into anything now that constantly have to prove who I am two factor authentication. Then do two codes through two different emails and then do I'm sitting here but eventually we're going to be doing like precise G load dance steps or the most popular dance steps in front of the camera before they give us another code to maybe get into our paid website. There's a reason for that is by design. And everything that I'm telling you. I worked hard these last couple of years, keeping it grounded on the simplicity of truth. Which is for me to be ready for my death at any time. I gotta know I've always done my best. So I'm not going to have anything that's obviously shouldn't be happening. It's wrong. A child crying in the street without engaging truth keeps us awake. Keeps a scene or just overcompensate that's really just deep and long lifelong programming. These last three generations Yeah, just I have this perfect list queued up last night all the projects and everything I'm working on and I can't access it from my laptop that hey there any guests in the Seattle I see my guest listeners who wants to join surely someone social media balanced confident. Mr. To extra Diana Alina, I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly. highly favored. I highly favored. Reggie would Woodson ever use that as really basis? didn't butcher that? I'm just I don't care. Let's have a big conversation and find everybody out so this is one thing that I love. And in engaging with the question, my own internal validation, I realized using zeros and ones that the love is quantifiable because there's a pattern match with industrial safety, process refinement and communication. It's absolutely dependent on communication. When you do root cause analysis of any accident or injury in operations, logistics, it always ends and poor communication practices procedures that make sense. So, modern understanding of modern day deployments of safety culture, in an industry or in a company require open and transparent communication at all levels. You can go to anybody you need to is love stronger than hate. I don't I think there's a better way to frame that question. See love is unconditional internally and you can only be unconditional internally. I can tell you that love accepts love does not express power. And that is the power in that it is not expressed. Or earlier I said love is two sides of the same magnet. That's how I always tell what is loving and what is not. Love draws. It doesn't matter. The market doesn't preset allies. It accepts. And Vico, in order to philosophers from 17th century, they really got a lot of your time, so to speak, saying that people were looking at history and calling people the past Barbary barbarians, and it's lunchtime from him, calling him out Barians. And they've seen can't layer your modern sensibilities on the past, you have to understand it within the context that it exists. Hence, the emphasis on archeology and anthropology and snow, ethno archaeology and anthropology, looking at the patterns, in behavior and in history that are demonstrable and clearly displayed. Those that is the necessary mindset is being able to put yourself in another person's shoes. If I had known it six, when I dedicated myself to the world of love, that to really know love, I would have to suffer greatly. And he's likely wouldn't have done what I did what I did, and I'm glad I did, I needed to that's that was necessary. So if, if I'm looking at a situation or something, and I'm standing on truth, that we are all going to die to process is not personal, we have to accept that not just know it, but accept it and understand that and see clearly that love in it, it's acceptance only benefits all it benefits the bottom line, it shifts our perspective on value, it helps us to see that the system is attempting you fight because then you validate that perspective. When you do is accept it in its context for and then you see it's a two way street. That fear based strategies necessarily pushing the best of intentions, right? Get people in a headspace that they will not even see it coming. I'm not concerned about having a nondisclosure agreement. And I'm not concerned about my the organizational structure or the hugs system, uniform. Sorry, holistic uniform gratitude system, whereby we can give tokens out to the social engagements, we want to see more of releases value, if you can demonstrate an upload to the blockchain, a benefit that meets at 20 then it benefits you and the other person and for others, six degrees of separation therefore, it is demonstrable to do on the blockchain and thereby build demonstration publicly that love is quantifiable, therefore it is knowable, it is testable, is repeatable, it can be projections and predictions can be made from that pattern. And when I realized that love is noble, back just crying. And I went for a walk and I relaxed and just relaxed and I got to the convenience store and I was just fully seeing people communicate. We are constantly broadcasting in our every body motion, every movement stance, facial expression, tone, the words we choose to speak with the words we choose not to use. We're communicating everything about ourselves to each other. It may have been seen as magic or psychic ability previously but all it was was fully seeing each other. And I was amazed at how people were drawn to me and like saying hi and engaging with me. These people typically don't do that. Intense and I wasn't ready. I chose to to back out of that flow. which is, which is agency. But it also has brought me into having to always do my own self evaluation as manager and operations and logistics, I can just dictate to guises from my title around which people do and then that is the way things have been done. That doesn't mean it's the best way. I had to stop and make sure that I was not being hypocrite for subverting my own engagements with others by walking out in tennis shoes and telling them they gotta wear steel toed boots. So that's one pattern match between gestural safety. Communications, right, because love in an adult human relationship requires full and open transparent communications, no ultimatums, we know this, it's demonstrable before us that anybody can leave at any time, they're free to do so. Than isn't adult even love. Honestly, to his last January, I was not an adult human. Because it shouldn't be dependent upon physical metrics. Whether you're an adult should be your demonstrable understanding of your mortality in the boundaries of our reality, that where the fences kids play, and enjoy themselves more when they know there are clear boundaries and fences. They know where they can run. They know where they need to back off. And if if we're not accepting of the boundaries that we necessarily live within, I should say me, if I'm not accepting the boundaries of my reality, that I will die, that it's not personal, and I need to be ready for at any time. I'm not building anything untruth, and ultimately I'm subverting myself and then subverting myself and subverting the collective we're a closed system. We are all of us connected one to another. What happens to one affects the other. Yeah, Neil deGrasse Tyson, he loves to talk about Cleopatra, Julius Caesar's last breath takes about 100 years to go around the Earth, and balance out in the atmosphere. So we're breathing part of, you know, clean patches last breath, or some fart of a dinosaur, you know, whatever your point is, is that it's all the same Legos, in different configurations. We as humans are connected to each other. The collective isn't a monolithic, mono mind, thing or concept. What it is, is, requires that each part of the one species chooses in subjective agency to be in the collective, because it's what is what a benefit to all of us. Now, this system doesn't give out value. What it does is it demonstrates how people can engage with each other in a way that is beneficial that has value. So let's say you're an I, one of you and I get into a an agreement. We NFT a description of our subconscious minds as priceless and viable, and that's subject to the terms and conditions of any party at any time. in perpetuity, but empowering our conscious mind to represent us our subconscious mind. In the waking world, data collection and our collective senses. I believe we're all tied together, demonstrably in the pattern, it shows that we're connected together through our subconscious belief. The ancient Egyptians and several other societies also agreed with that in their highlighting of those parts of our brain. It stands to reason it's just now Goddard or it's an overworked part of our psyche, problem solver, that ironically can only communicate with the waking mind through abstraction. That is respective of agency and free will. Because anything that is loving, would not want to manipulate free will. I know frustrating Right. You might love to like, slay the bad guys. There are no bad guys. Why can't there be capital punishment? Well, one, the subconscious person didn't commit the crime the conscious person did. In dragging along their subconscious self with them pushes the contact to the collective. If if we live where the person who's right is the one who doesn't have the bullet in the head, then when necessarily we encounter challenges in our present futures. How can we address it we put a bullet hidden in the one who had the answer. adult humans. Think of it as school yard? is an adult human going to like engage in a schoolyard fight? No. adult human is going to be violated all know, an adult would not go. We're going to war. It doesn't do ultimatums the most successful game theory and strategy that is demonstrable, you can look it up yourself is being indomitable. Once it detects the other side, meet it with equal force, when they say give up the tactic Do not press the advantage or attack. It's being indomitable at brick wall. What's that inform us? That informs us? You see a child being harmed from the lesson. God forbid that there is a reason why that happens. We'll get to later you stop the harm to that child, you protect that child. Do you then seek justice in prison? The molester? No, we didn't give that person. We don't have that, right. But we do need to help them get into treatment and therapy. And therapy shouldn't be transactional. The important things in life should not be transactional, they should be available for everybody. Food, water, shelter, clothing, because it's the investment we make in ourselves and each other. When I do my art, when I do my writing, when I do my shows improv, whatever I do, it's free. If I consult if I share my knowledge, it's free. Because all boats rise together, somebody claims to have the keys to success. And they're charging for it. They don't have it because if they understood it, they would never charge. Why? Because money is the root of all evil, love, and money is the root of all evil. I hear somebody probably saying That's incorrect. It's a logical fallacy. Let me demonstrate why I'm gonna back up a bit. Now. You've probably heard this, if a tree falls in the woods, and there's no one there to hear. It doesn't make a sound. It's irrelevant. No one is there to hear it. Anything that could happen, we can even possibly conjecture, or project ourselves into that understanding of that other thing that is not human, to even, they wouldn't even call it sound. The point is, is that it's relevant because it exists outside of our human understanding and experience, and to bring in hypothetical situations that exist outside of our human experience and understanding. It's not only it's harmful, because we're interjecting delusion and illusion into our collective consciousness as if it has any validity. And validity is been established by humans in a district. Why argue I take things personal, state your premise. Present your sources, the thing that is most valid to the highest degree of confidence. It's not a win. It's us moving towards what's most beneficial for all the largest possible demographic. That is how we move forward. It's accepting ourselves. It's not a get there. We're already in the present. The present is the only time that exists as to the future in our heads. The only eternity is now that we share but for time It makes sense. It's hard to be upset. When you look around and you think, Well, how many people have truth and are building on it? Oh, no, they think they have truth, but they're actually just building on the sands it's as close to the cliff. It is simple. The truth is, is that we have to have contrast to understand anything. Otherwise we exist in a static environment is why creation story after myth, the creation story. I mean, I could start dropping names, works, I'm sure you have read and understand and are with me right now. In in agreeing that it's what is of benefit that we used to have in our culture, in cultures around the world and historically, that transition, that ritual that demonstrated the transition from childhood to adulthood, where have they gone? Where is that understanding? People are faking it till they make it? I can't tell you how many jokes I had to stare in the face. And like, understand that there was a part of me trying to communicate to myself what I was seeing, I used to joke and if people open up the TV garden and say, but today, they're the belly programming. See, that's what's great about America, you get to choose which programming you're going to have. You get to brainwash yourself. Yay. Or Idiocracy they took the economy in, it's turning into a documentary. When people are dependent upon things, this is this is where it comes from, why don't we legislate morality? Why don't we legislate ethics, why, because when you define it would should be understood already. In the natural process of becoming a mature human. When you define it, you have to do it to the nth degree in anything not defined is permissible. We stand on truth, you will see. You will look around you'd be like oh my goodness. Oh, my goodness. Hiding in plain sight. I don't believe most of those folks are evil or bad. I believe they did in an echo chamber for millennia. And addicted to power and wealth, and they demonstrated like it's a lifestyle called Success instead of the addiction that it is. Agency what is agency agency has the ability by the dictionary's terms to have demonstrable actions of any sort that they want, that is a measure of how much free will they have, because they can do anything they want. Well, that's actually incorrect, it is not the actions. The actions are the Mergent feature of an intention that has already been set sent. internally. Our agency exists in our minds. It exists in the gray space between one moment and the next. It is the quantum subconscious. To our standard model conscious. I like to think of it as your conscious mind is your pet dog, running around, barking, playing with Frisbees, likea love snacks, pretty direct, taking in all the data. This is also a pattern. By the way, I'm giving you the third pattern match that's demonstrable in our modeling of reality through our information technology. ones and zeros. We have a back end which is your subconscious or front end which is your conscious. You have a response and query right? Am I am draws to you because you're being loving to yourself. Another I am. You can recognize the arm because they're not faking it because it's demonstrable in the actions that emerge from the intent they live within. And where two or more gathered there I am also just what that means. Are we collectively we are. Now if we're to, I'm a to Rainham, so validating to Mind, each of us systems. In this pattern, you got 222, that's 246. Right? Are two or more gathered there and also, that's two people in the collective. There are two people we are in, in packing our collective. And people want to study physical evolution, right? Physical evidence. So how do you study the evolution of intellect? Through the patterns demonstrable in behavior? We are creatures of habit. I can't tell you how subtle my habituation has been. It is hard to break free of the visualizations, the stinky blankets and ready pillows and cigarettes and whatever, that have become our comfort. Because we want we crave certainty, but to be human is to accept and no, there is no certainty. There's no guarantee. There's no deserves anything. No, right? We it is equally as possible when we're born, that we are ran by the ankle and smashed against the wall. We deserve nothing, except what we amongst us. Create. And we're not even creating. There's nothing new under the sun. We're synthesizing what's already there. And I don't want to be lecturing that yeah, I'll keep it short. I'm a Sagittarius, which I think that needs some kind of scientific study. We know gravity effects, water or liquid bodies. How can it be that all these gravity wells, decision stars that happen if people have been watching from linear, doesn't imprint like the sorting hat, like your Sagittarius personality and waking mind, that's your waking school, so to speak. So you can see the patterns if you are good, you're going to create the universe, you're going to create the universe wouldn't you want the things within you and make it so hard even do that for your children? Switches? kids ask for bread, you wouldn't use warping? Would you say I've given you three pattern matches, one Atran interpersonal validity, the query in response mi n, r we r that also matches in his dependent upon open and transparent internal and external forms external communications, our industrial safety communications requirement to ensure safety of everyone, which is nothing but good to the bottom line. It's interesting physics has come out recently with highly popular and pretty numerically supported. Research, theoretical but they they were saying we never really know. But it seems like maybe our universe is in the center of a black hole, which is in the center of a black hole which center of a black hole three, in that time and space halfway between the vent horizons and the singularity swapped places in reverse direction. And when I was like, when I realized the entire intrapersonal pattern is like I in this. It's like the description of the physics theory. They just said what are the odds of that? Space and time? It's the query and response. When you're faking it, in fear based it's one direction. And when it's indomitable and love basis, another direction. That's a pattern match. And desert pattern match is how cells communicate with each other through the cell wall. I'm telling you, there's a lot of pattern matches I need but I'm not going to haven't validated all six of them. Because I don't want to get out there saying things that are you don't play games you're going to lose right? seems ridiculous self defeating do so. Shouting out the things that haven't been validated or edited is much the same thing. But it is exciting. In our engagements, and we want to see more of like, my partner and I are going to incorporate our partnership. Why? Because it's perfect structure it's already exists where the articles of incorporation are the prenuptial forces, you ask things like, I know we love each other, but but if you're paralyzed four months from now, anyway, you have to address if there's kids involved, so kids automatically fall into that it takes a village kind of structure because their affiliates automatically Ward's of the corporation. And, you know, I was joking in I was saying revolution during Corporation. This is something I've been stewing on for, since 2012. After my second divorce, she came out of the closet, by the way. I know how did I not know? Because I'm naive and gullible and see the best in everyone their potential and I hang on to that vision potential longer than I had. Should have. It invites victimization. You know what? Real quick, I've got? Is there anything perfect? I know it was No, there's nothing perfect, nobody perfect. Or maybe there was only one perfect. fact is is that you are unique. We are all unique. Everybody is unique. Only one thing can exist in the space at a time. Only you can see through your eyeballs. It's irrelevant to any hypotheticals and we cannot know collectively. So that means you're perfect. It means nobody and no thing does you better than you. In fact, you do you perfectly, and no creator that's loving or any deity that's worth a damn. would do it either. Because that wouldn't be loving. But contrast is necessary, if it's all is one, that Morningstar that Lucifer is necessary, how we do we adjust our navigation internally, if we don't have any comparison, to bounce our ideas and concepts off of. Otherwise, we'd be trapped in a static reality, which probably I don't believe time is an emergent feature that has been misidentified. All times exists all at once. This is just where our focus is, is if we're looking at a laboratory right? And really imagining together and focusing in a particular place together like anyway, sorry. My brain works this way. As Yang tried to explain it off in West Texas, right, not a good place to read. Like for a person like me, it seemed like it was actually the perfect place was I would say, if you could only be in my head for like 10 seconds, you would get it. And I'd said now for a couple of years that wisdom is the consolation prize we get for surviving our own brain, but it doesn't have to be that perspective. Wisdom is your level of self acceptance and self love. He said whether the two greatest commandments what's greatest commandment? Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul. And then love your neighbor as yourself right? What he's saying is since the body is the temple of Lord, right, that that knock on the inside of your heart isn't to be led in it's been there the whole time. And let love out. than that in learning to accept and love yourself it informs us how to love others not in a selfish way but in a way that is beneficial to you in an understanding our connections to each other. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I finally because I went searching for historical diseases meant I wanted to find it. We can't even properly fix the idea that Jesus in the timeline in Jesus is a misnomer anyway. Like, if you would you want me to be somebody who's researching you a million years from now 1000 years from now would you want them to go? Your name is Bob them to be look cool, calling you Allah wishes know. His name was Yoshua from Galilee, who most likely Yehoshua ben Yosef is highly probable, but he was probably the youngest of five he had a lot of siblings. It was probably a weird kid. We know he asked way too many questions were really intelligent because what was he doing? He wandered off from his parents. If they can find it for 3d, find a movie temple. What's he doing? impressing the the very same folk stead weren't impressed by him when he was not. First thing I did when I saw this found lovey and I thought they'd be like what to do so on. And I tried to go talk to you know, just talk to somebody at a church and they they would not see me but just wanted to talk you know, save love and commiserate over it Yeah. Here's here's an interesting history repeats itself why because you know how you always have that lesson you have to learn and except for each move on just keeps popping up in your life. What do you think history is? Right now we got evangelicals are demonstrating as Sadducees and Pharisees when the unequivocal concept and it is first John four eight, if it is not loving, it is not God of God for God is love. That means if it is not love, it is not God. I like that. That's great. That's simple. All I have to do is look at everything and ask myself is that loving? It doesn't matter what's written in the rest of the Bible if they can't remain consistent in other words, if you can't keep its integrity against an event statement that it was absolutely written by humans all of it was written by humans we are responsible for everything because it is us think of like to think of love as the author of the Choose Your Own Adventure book lone Wolf's what I used to read 80s 90s love those books check ahead and be like oh what died in that one? You know if you run from the ogre through to 534 and each catches you you die. So go back and choose the other option. So he wrote this joint adventure book or she or both disjointed veteran knows all the characters knows all the options that can be chosen as the book has been published and the author can't exist in the book The temptation is to be manipulated and beat to break even the job this for just when gave job a whole bunch of life. Love didn't go do it. I was I was my Sunday School teachers worst nightmare. Why did you Why would you meet Phil on the first morning of his country? This is making a sensitive budget. You know? They wanted you to know you would tell you both did well left doesn't Why would love be into man. Yeah. That's me. You tell me to go build something like a skyscraper. I'm going to start a spire and I'm going to the hard way in the deep end of the pool. DIY will teach myself how to build that thing from the top all the way to the down to the bottom. When it gets to the foundation. I'll be like, holy crap. Concrete is endeavoring and deep into the bedrock of course. Yeah, I did it backwards. But guess what I know intimately, how to get to the top from the start. And it's not it's not complicated. It's not difficult. What's challenging is that it is so accessible and simple, that the loving thing is the wide in easy road. From my love is easy, its yoke is light. In college, I tried to find out the concepts that tied all the religious and spiritual practices together and figured that was where things would be right in the simple building blocks. But I don't need to teach people love. Simple fact is structure and nature, in the patterns of our reality, indicate that once you accept truth, and have agency, that's all you need. If you're a human that doesn't want to kill itself, and you want to benefit and grow and have some chance of happiness, Denman. You're going to see love draws and fear pushes, you're going to see it. You don't need anybody in between you and your own understanding and validity for yourself. And that's what made the rabbi such a compelling person. Some human who understood this and you've reached the age of 30. I can picture him thrown down his carpentry tools going, dad. I'm going on the desert. I'm not coming out to live know what that how I know he's humans because he did what I did when I was six after I dedicated my life, because I said, this is what happened. I thought I was behind. I conceptualized everything on the stage, anthropomorphized. And the kids were treating me weird. I couldn't figure out why. Heard the adults scribing God in the back in the church, and I was like, that sounds like love. I couldn't anthropomorphize love, because there's no graven images. I know God didn't when declared except for all the other kids already had. Right? They had to keep it secret. And they were like bright red. Right? You know? Sure. Sure. Sure. So then they asked Asterix, Chuck to me, after about 45 minutes, and I was sweating bullets, mind you. He brought the other pasture in to our interview. Back, you know how important this is. So I did, I didn't want to burn the hell. I made them be real clear about their descriptions because it would give me scenarios. I wanted it to be clear about who the actors on stage. And if what the situation they gave me was loving my fuzzy anthropomorphize or concept would would go up on stage and do the same. If it wasn't, it wouldn't engage. And I just told them what was happening in my head. And Nikki went out and said, he knows God, we gotta baptize him right now. I had no idea what that meant. That that love is with us from the beginning and all the way to the end. I just was like, who I passed, again, a pity the other kids can be happy, or we didn't think you'd ever come around. To Brett, when I was going home after a bad test. My mom said, we're happy that you've been baptized, but you can't lie now that you've been baptized. You got to say you don't know God. Right? You don't know God. That wasn't true. That was a lie. That put me in a really bad position. My stepdad didn't want to hurt my feelings. I didn't want to disappear. But I wasn't going to like reach recant on the my offer to myself to the world love in the baptismal allele ended up with my dad. And mom, my dad, because he tried to step up for me was my mom said she wished I hadn't actually been killed in the womb. That's struggling pretty hard. And my dad took exception to that. And that ended up in my dad having my mom up against the wall, with a gun to her head, and me hiding in the closet waiting for the sounds of a gun to go off. The next day, I went outside, and I said, the next day, I went outside and I said, Hey, I know that you love kids, right? I hear you have kids, to me. And can I hear your voice? I just need an idea. Hey, we're Peggy whatever, something. Silence didn't hear anything. When I came back around the love, I was in logical quandary where I either ended except what was in front of me that the amount of questioning and research about me too, or I had to like live a lie. And I realized I said, Well, what about that when? I mean, that makes sense. It didn't express power. Right? As it did your voice, heard my own voice doesn't mean I'm God. It means I was internal. I should have been internally focused. That when I went outside was the first time I talked to love and called it God outside of myself. It had an existence be evil. Why do we need grace? That doesn't make any sense to love. It does provide contrast. Anyway. So word, the garden. When he praised it, this cup would pass from him. How's that any different from my own experience? Because love would never require a sacrifice, which Listen, human sacrifice that had already been in biblical terms through Abraham and his son Isaac, done away with in theology. It doesn't match the timeline. It's not a pattern match. It's incongruent. It takes us from the message of love and goes to the easy part of us. Feeling like we don't deserve love, when we don't have value, that we have to be given value externally, as if golden had any value without any humans alive. It's the use of the truth, not lying, but not pointing out that when people are making the wrong assumptions, they're making the wrong assumptions. How ironic is it that people think they can find life by making their lives a death, praying for death, so they can have eternal life backwards because it's irrelevant. It doesn't help you live in love now and know how to love others. In my understanding of the pattern, it does, states that the sin that is shouldn't be is anything that separates us from any ability to know, love and experience truly. And that starts internally. People aren't so validating because they're relying on validation externally. So that's better match. Anyway, hello. Wisdom can be what our children and grandchildren have lived. Were the stories we tell ourselves. And I'm an anthropologist, so I love storing, studying the story, and I'm very tough for it. If we're the stories we tell ourselves and validate ourselves. That's a good story to start with Ryan. We like an edge of the seat thriller. And I hate seeing an edge thriller that goes dark and just below. Everybody dies, it's terrible. Nobody wants then we all like to the edge of the seat story said turns out good. We made it. You know how easy that is? It's not a get to. It's not getting anybody anywhere. If you go and study all the most studied bacteria in the history of humanity is the E. coli. Yes, I'm gonna say shit is the most studied. thing in human history. The study chip is funny. Love is funny. So they noticed these mutations occurring in all these isolated colonies, bacteria. They're trying to observe evolution, right? Where they see these mutations take and then they fizzle out. And what they've discovered, what would make a mutation just suddenly be taken up by the colony wasn't the critical point of numbers. What it was was a quality of benefit in the mutation for the collective. That's what made it get taken up. We have the internet. Why do you think they're gaining the internet right now? Because word spreads quit fast. And if it's all that, zeros and ones, what I love about the holistic view form granted system is agape filter is anthropocentric. Gauge, and potential evaluator. Our engagements have to be of benefit. If we enter NFT or subconscious, like you said, make our conscious minds our representatives. And then we write an agreement out with goals between unique, let's say your therapist, very clear goals, once they've been demonstrably met, that's automatically benefit to me and that other person. And if there's for other people, whether they're aware of it or not, who benefit to 80% Or better, without any more than 19%, neutral or negative impact, like on the environment or everything. Then they get a token released. That 80% is an entrepreneur's playground, where people who don't have means and assets can have an engagement that is uploaded to the blockchain for all to see and witness that builds and maintains reputation over time. Rose value on its own, because we don't build community communities what forms around what's of benefit Unlike subjects, I don't like horror films, so I'm not going to get an ever gonna form into that community. Life is frightening enough. And each one of those categories that you can upload those engagements for release token if it meets the metric, it should be is easy enough for kid to get it, right? Absolutely zero on one makes sense. Each time they submit the same category, it increases by 1%. It's a 1%. And it's a 1% cent not only for the two submitting it, but for the ones who benefit also, it has to increase it's all the low hanging fruit goes quit theoretically, as social engagement can be submitted that the algorithm clicks all the participants out and it shows the whole world benefited from that that'd be fun to watch and be like watching somebody try and ring a bell aren't all right. Being present being accepting and present now. I don't think we can get there subjectively. I don't see any patterns that demonstrate that toward nurturance wrote the user illusion where he said we're 80 milliseconds behind the presence closest we get is by hearing in auditory I bet you we can get there collectively, that collective intelligence but I don't know we have to get there first. And it seems to me in the patterns of history that the collective has been cohered previously, but broke up for a reason I don't know of yet. But I do know there's a thing called can Sookie and there's a whole research into cracks. Because you practice they crack their pottery put it back together carefully and it's stronger than it was when it was first made. Maybe we're doing some concern on ourselves. I gotta go. It's getting late. Love 13 is my favorite number. And that's the structure of the escape hatch based on 13 pilgrims with a builder Amman point it's all simple, attractive, simple as possible. It's all available on medium Behance like said just Google Adrian Pascall they'll be the bare Blumberg. Not the most prolific unknown person you've ever heard of. And I don't mind that I'm doing this for me I just I find joy in my own and other people's burden being less when I dedicate myself to love and accept more I'm given the desires of my heart as I accept more I find those desires aren't what I thought they weren't initially and yet they are what I always wanted them to be from the beginning from the first inspiration of breath. Love will be with you to your final expiration but you're the only one you can now your death be ready for it anymore. That's true. Be safe with each other. Everyone is perfectly unique and necessary. And what they have to contribute is priceless. Encourage people's curiosity and that's where usually will be Yep,


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