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All of the knowledge anyone could need to survive a ‘worst case scenario’ is in this big green ‘book’, bound by two ginormous screws!

Almost all of us, who went to a US Boot camp did so for the likely reasons of
1) Uh, I don’t have a collegiate scholarship,

2) 'Damn! I don’t really wanna work at Joe’s Crabshack/family grocery store/scrap metal recovery/sandblasting/ for the rest of my life. Let’s see what these dudes have to say. Maybe there is something might be into, besides, I must honor now, or later, right?!?,'

or 3) Judge says,'Son/Miss, you either pick a service, or it's the penitentiary for you and with hard labor at $.075/day!’

When you ‘thank me for my service’, you are telling me that you do not understand that I was LITERALLY government property for 4,6, or 8 years of indentured servitude! There is no ‘bill of rights for enlisted serving in the military. There is the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Look up Article 134 when you have a fancy sometime!

It also tells me that although our military is all-volunteer, you have absolutely no idea what ‘service’ actually means. It is no one's fault, these last three generations we have been progressively ‘faking it, till we make it’ when it comes to parenting and adulthood. However, I know that if someone takes advantage of my PTSD Recovery, or sees an opportunity to gouge a veteran debt free but living on the edge of notice, no one and I mean 99% of everyone will provide the following answer, no matter the injustice occurring,

‘I am sorry this is happening to you.’, turn around and leave me to the hyenas.


I have climbed that ‘stairway to heaven’, and fallen off that ‘slide for life’. You see, we cannot know what we don’t know until we know it. What I want YOU to think about today is, what if everyone is ‘faking it till they make it’ regarding an important concept, like intimacy, communication, or general industrial safety?

Hmmm. Is it possible that everyone could begin to think that the ‘faking it’ path is actually THE way things have always been? That, say, everyone who is a physical adult, is ALSO an emotional and intellectual adult as well?

For most of human history, there have been rituals that demarked the passage from childhood to adulthood. It was when children often had to pass certain ‘trials’ that helped them to gain a visceral understanding of how an adult human expresses.

Is a mature adult ever violent if there is a negotiable path out of conflict?

Does an adult call others names, slander them, gossip (or praise) another without that person actually being present?

Does an adult ever ghost another, or do they talk it out in person?

Does an adult ever vilify or ‘other’ another group of humans whe n the disadvantages are so egregiously high that we humans fail to see ourselves, others, and the situations going on around us in our shared Now? #communication #opportunity #military #safety #veteran #parenting #work #like